My love for cooking, canning, and pure wholesome foods led me into the wonderful (and spicy) world of handmade hot sauces. With a passion for what I do, I have created a quartet of habanero hot sauces lovingly referred to as the Mamas.

The Mama’s are pure, natural and absolutely packed with guilt free flavour, making them the perfect addition to any recipe from breakfast to dinner. There is a Mama for everyone and every occasion.

The joy I have found from creating the Mamas has spurred my creativity towards creating new and exciting products like my new Rimmers.

The two new Rimmers, Helaepeno Horseradish and Original Rilly Dilly, are absolutely bursting with flavor and of course handcrafted. Whether it’s the edge of your glass or your favorite dish, these rimmers are sure to please.

All of my products are made with locally sourced ingredients, no additives or preservatives, and zero added sugars.